In the different colors of love, from Paris to Stockholm.


From the vintage market outside of Paris, Louisa started to costume make the jackets 
by hand, and requests started to pop in. After a high demand of customizing jackets to 
friends, four women came together and decided to make a business out of it and 
Quatre Filles was founded.


The idea of the jackets took shape after seen Richard Mosses documented 
photographs, taken of the war in Kongo on infrared film. Inspired by Mosses pictures, Louisa started to create military jackets in the many colors of love, for unisex. Perfectly slouchy, borrowed-from-the-boys relaxed fit. We wanted to restore individuality and create sustainable fashion for a good cause.


Within its stitching, the vintage jackets carries stories of years of wear - a history of a past life. Its travels have been recorded in the frayed fabric, the whiskered patches and the 
faded colors - which gives every jacket a unique color and feeling.


We are proud to manufacture our jackets in Sweden, directly imported from Paris.


Quantities will always be limited since each jacket is made from a limited supply, 
hand dyed and distinctly one of a kind.